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The Work Week Wardrobe Plan 1.0


Credit: Pinterest

Well, it’s more like 9+ items if you consider the belts, socks and underwear but that would be stretching it.

There’s a good reason why you can have a wardrobe full of clothes and still not know what to wear. It’s like going to a restaurant with a massive menu.

“More clothes doesn’t necessarily equate to better style.”

You’re spoilt for choice so it’ll usually take you longer to decide, unless you know what you want, or you have a plan like the image above. Read More

Qollar Patrol



Credit: Pinterest


Credit: Pinterest

Heading out tonight? Hope you have a great weekend.

Consider this a bit of inspiration transitioning from work to play. The jacket has a bit of character with the texture. Different shades of brown brought to play in here. The white shirt holds the whole outfit together. While the cream pocket square is the icing on the cake. Yum!


Thank You!


To all our loyal and new customers, plus those that’ll hop on board next year (you don’t know it yet but I’m coming for you 😁)…

To the supply chain who work tirelessly behind the scenes to meet customer demands…

To the tech platforms that make it easy to reach and maintain relationships with customers…

To the banks that make all customer payments smooth as butter…

Last but definitely not least, to the main man up there keeping everything ticking like clockwork. Baba, you too much.




Black Tie New Year’s Eve

black tie new years eve

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Are you Mr Debonair? With a sophisticated charm and a truck load of confidence.

Are you Mr Classic? A recognized authority who likes to keep it simple.

Are you Mr Ambitious? With a strong desire for success and achievement.

Are you Mr Spirited? Full of life, animation and vigour with never a dull moment.

Are you Mr Punchy? Compelling with a “knock-em-dead” approach to life.

Whatever your sauce ensure to keep it fresh.

#HappyNewYear 😎