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New Catalogue Alert!

New Catalogue is out: It’s with great pleasure that I present to you our next catalogue. It also includes shirts for women starting from page 40. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Preview link to the first 30 pages of 48 at the top and bottom. Thanks for the orders coming in, please keep them coming. Entries Close: 11:59pm June 12 Kindly indicate and I’ll DM, email or whatsapp the full pdf file to you (roughly 10mb). Cheers Link to preview: #menswear #womenswear #mensshirts #womensshirts #madeinitaly #handcrafted #qollars #portharcourt #nigeria #newcatalogue #catalogue #styleblogger #nigerianbrand

Throwback Thursday – Instagram

#Throwbackthursday to when #bbm and #bbmchannel still had a reasonable audience. #Qollars channel grew to about 140k and I posted there all the time; barely posted here. My bad! At the time, I didn’t understand how #instagram worked and wasn’t all that interested to be honest. I wasn’t visiting #facebook either and other popular #socialmedia apps. I guess it had a lot to do with me being in love with #blackberry (still am) and #blackberry10 OS. It lacked some of these native #apps. Ended up loosing the #channel when I moved back to #Nigeria. Still can’t explain what happened but that’s a memory now. A good one at that. Hopefully I can keep learning more about all things Instagram and how it functions. Thanks a lot for being here. 🤗 #tbt #marchon #keepmoving #keepdreaming #neverstopbelieving #nevergiveup

Style Matters

We live in an information/digital/media age with screens everywhere you look, smartphones, billboards, tablets. Check your pocket/bag, I bet there’s a screen in there somewhere. With screens come images. Images of well-known individuals, friends and family members having their words, actions, haircut, clothes and footwear discussed at length.

All aboard!

Choo-choo! 🚇🚆 🚂 This fully booked 5 coach train is heading to one fresh happy family somewhere in Qollarville. “We win business on reliability and clear communication. No be come today come tomorrow” Thanks for choosing Qollars 😎

Thank You!

To all our loyal and new customers, plus those that’ll hop on board next year (you don’t know it yet but I’m coming for you 😁)… To the supply chain who work tirelessly behind the scenes to meet customer demands… To the tech platforms that make it easy to reach and maintain relationships with customers… To the banks that make all customer payments smooth as butter… Last but definitely not least, to the main man up there keeping everything ticking like clockwork. Baba, you too much. THANK YOU! #stayfresh #stayblessed

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

You don’t want to miss this – it’s the hour you’ve been waiting for. Starting midnight tonight (Thursday GMT +1), our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales kicks off. You can get your hands on our highly sought-after shirts Made-In-Italy from the number one shirtier (I know the word doesn’t exist) in Nigeria. Discounts are up to 60%  and you get FREE Shipping in Nigeria if your order adds up to N15,000 Naira and above. This offer ends Monday the 30th of November at 23:59pm (GMT +1) only on Strictly for the Freshest of Sqollars – you won’t get this anywhere else. Shop Now and Who said we had to wait till Friday 😛 #Qollarup.