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Organise your Wardrobe for the Week

Plan your wardrobe for the week… ..Or at least have a rough idea how you’d like to look based on what’s available. It’ll save you loads of “decision making” time during the week. Time that can be dedicated to other productive tasks. Watch: Closet Organisation – #wardrobeplanning #imageconsulting #qollars #timesaving #wardrobehacks #closetorganization #styleblogger

Stay Cool During the Heat Wave

You’re wiping your brow and forehead constantly; your clothes stick to your back, forming abstract sweat blots and in no time you’re feeling sticky and uncomfortable. This has been the case for most of February. We live in the tropics with high humidity and dampness which is likely to make you sweat more than you normally would.

Folding a Pocket Square 2.0 – Classic Fold

This is probably the simplest way to fold a pocket square. It’s classic, simple and versatile. If your pocket square is solid with coloured borders or hand rolled edges, this is probably your best bet because it highlights those features. This effect is achieved by not folding the piece of cloth completely symmetrically. You also have to allow the edges of the pocket square layer naturally.

The Work Week Wardrobe Plan 1.0

Well, it’s more like 9+ items if you consider the belts, socks and underwear but that would be stretching it. There’s a good reason why you can have a wardrobe full of clothes and still not know what to wear. It’s like going to a restaurant with a massive menu. “More clothes doesn’t necessarily equate to better style.” You’re spoilt for choice so it’ll usually take you longer to decide, unless you know what you want, or you have a plan like the image above.

Qollar Patrol

All white party anyone? Instead of black/white shoes and a black/white belt, consider brown. It’s subtle contrast with white is easy on the eye. The shade of brown has to be right though. Not too dark and not too light, just about tan.🍂 #stayfresh  

Put a dimple on it

1. Tie your favorite tie knot, stopping just short of tightening it around your neck. 2. Pinch the sides of the tie just below the knot and make a dimple in the center. 3. Pull your tie tight while holding the dimple in place. If necessary, reset the dimple while you adjust the tie’s final position. And voila! You’ve got yourself a dimple. 👔 #stayfresh